My Fascinating Trip

By Blanc du Nil

“During the holidays or back from holidays, wearing ” Blanc du Nil ” means to belong to the large family of travelers … The adventurers, are joining more and more the network opening Blanc du Nil shops through the world, for the pleasure of these travelers, the circle comes back around … “

Blanc du Nil Team

Specialist for more than 20 years

Specialist in tourist places for over 20 years, Blanc du Nil brand has been increasing its stores in France and in the rest of the world.  

Blanc du Nil, love at the first sight for all the family

The quality of Blanc du Nil clothes is recognized by all cotton lovers. During the day, on the go and in the evening at the restaurant: a souvenir which remembers the good moments of life.


In an increasingly complex world, man needs simplicity and a return to nature. Thanks to their comfort and their quality, Blanc du Nil clothes provokes the perfect match between the need for escape and a growing demand from informed tourists.

Blanc du Nil : Parc d’Activité de la Sauer, 67360 ESCHBACH • FRANCE

Groupe Exo-Tic : capital 20 665 120 €